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Almost There

"Almost There" is, by far, the shortest song on the album and the shortest song I've ever written. Like "How The Story Ends," it was written during the period I was re-listening to the Nine Inch Nails catalog and feels very Reznor-esque to me.

Some folks have mentioned Cream and Lenny Kravitz, too. I'll happily take any of those comparisons and really dig this song, myself.

It's the antithesis of many of my songs, in that it was written super, super quickly without any editing whatsoever—other than the number of times the phrases were repeated.

To be embarrassingly honest, I started singing this song to myself at the end of my drive to work one morning when one of the NIN records was over and there wasn't time enough to start another before I got there... Because I was "almost there."...

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